Here’s to Love


I had the incredible pleasure of writing a post for Darling Magazine in honor of Valentine’s Day. You can read it here.


3 thoughts on “Here’s to Love

  1. Jessica,
    read this on Darling’s website and proceeded to thoroughly creep and rummage through your blog, and dare I say we may have a love affair on our hands. Your writing style is refreshing and real and makes it so easy for a reader to get lost in your stories. Thanks for this lovely Valentine’s Day reminder (even though–as I am aware–it’s no longer Valentine’s Day) and thank you for writing wonderful things for me and everyone else to enjoy!

    Jess (we’re twinsies)

  2. This article was amazing Jess! favorite line: “…because a dozen red roses are a sorry celebration compared to laughing until tears stream down your face.” you are such a brilliant writer! and. excruciatingly beautiful.

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