I swam in the ocean yesterday. Paddled out beyond the crashing waves to the cool, salty, open blue, stretching my limbs and splashing. I laughed and twirled like a dolphin in the salty swirl, suddenly so excited to be in the water and feeling overwhelmingly free. As I spun, the land behind came into sight and I gasped and stopped.

Beyond the crystal blue I swam in, and the pale golden beach, lush green mountains embedded with tiny jewel-toned houses rose up and surrounded my view. They stunned me. Perfect emerald guardians, sitting regally overlooking the Pacific as I bobbed like a little blonde buoy. I felt so small, so protected, so overwhelmed by the beauty of floating in the ocean in the sun, with these lush jade peaks surrounding my perfect little Eden.

 “What is my life?” I murmured against the saltwater lapping against my chin. Smiling, I laid my head back into the blue, and let the steady undulations carry me back to land.


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