Breath to Dry Bones

His eyes got big as I approached. “Hello!” he said. I responded with a cheerful “Hi!” and a big grin.

A few silent moments passed. “What do you do?” he finally asked. “You intrigue me. Tell me about yourself.”

I swiped my credit card as he loaded my groceries into the brown paper bag.

Well, I work for a marketing company, but I don’t DO marketing.

“So what do you do?”

I do all of our internal projects. Admin and stuff inside the company.

“That doesn’t seem right. You’re too outgoing, too alive.”

Well… I used to be an actress.

His eyes lit up in satisfaction before getting very serious.
“OH there we go. THAT’S it. …But you didn’t ‘used to be’ an actress. That never goes away– you can’t just turn that off. You’re just playing the part of someone who works at a marketing company. You’ll always be an actress.”



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