Philadelphia Story

On Saturday, Allison and I decided to expand our East Coast horizons and take a day trip to the birthplace of our great nation. We awoke and got on a bus at an hour too unholy to repeat, and spent the day touring Philly learning about America’s history, eating ice cream, and trying on dresses. Oh, and standing in Rocky’s footsteps. Natch.

T’was a good day.

(Some of the below were stolen borrowed from Allison. Thanks, AD!)

Philly foliage

Just a coupla’ girls, out on the town, visiting the first senate room.
Gee Dub

This was right around the time I was developing a sizeable crush on George Washington.
City Hall
The Lady and the Liberty
Occupy Philly (insert pithy/Philly/hippie joke here)
This seemed rude. (smoked [non-chubby] fish)
Allison is the king of the world.

The greatest.

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