Rock Me Like a Hurricane, Day 2/2

So that was it. After tossing fitfully for hours last night I finally drifted off to sleep right as Irene rolled into town. I heard a few whistling whines, a howling wind or two, and when I woke at noon she was all but gone.

Spent the day inside watching footage of news anchors up to their ankles in water somewhere in Long Island, baked cookies, and did not watch the Friday Night Lights I promised yesterday because sometimes your heart just isn’t ready. Don’t push it.
After the worst of the winds died down, I pulled on my jeans (WHICH– sidebar: either I am wasting away or said jeans have gotten significantly larger, because… well, I literally had to hold them up to keep them on. Like, two steps hands-free and they were threatening to hit the concrete) and grabbed my camera before darting outside to get some pictures of the last of this hurricane sky. The light was fading, so I had to move quickly, but I managed to take over a hundred photos in about half an hour. It was liberating to be outside with the wind still blowing ferociously, scattered little rain drops sprinkling my face tilted toward the pink and purple sky beneath my camera. Pretty wonderful.

This doesn’t have anything to do with Irene, but I discovered it while I was out and thought it was pretty cool.


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