Hello Hurricane, Day 1/2

Well. Today couldn’t have gone any better unless I’d spent it making out. …Oops.

(Goal for day 2…)

My activities for the day included, but were not limited to, the following:
**Packaging up and mailing back a gold sequined evening gown (!) that was perfect, but for the 2-3″ gap between the bottom of said dress and the floor. Le sigh. #tallgirlproblems
**Hand washing all my sheets and pillowcases in the bathtub. This is not for the faint of heart. I felt like a pioneer woman, wiping sweat from my brow with the back of my wrist as I churned that king-size fitted sheet and the pillowcases for my unnamed number of pillows in the sudsy, near-scalding water. Then I let them soak for a few hours before running downstairs to plop them in the rickety old washing machine for a final spin. (This was where my visions of wooden washboards and damp tendrils ended, in case you were wondering.) BUT! I cannot begin to describe to you how gloriously sparkling clean my sheets are, rendering my big bed on par with an oversized, plush hospital gurney. With a satin and feather throw pillow. Natch.
**Coming up with witty/ vaguely inappropriate tweets and status updates, of which I used one on Facebook and more than I’d like to admit on Twitter. (There’s a reason the latter is protected.)
…Aaaaaaand, that’s it! Some cleaning, some cooking, some puttering around on Pinterest and the like… On deck for tomorrow is cookie baking and probably more Friday Night Lights than one person should watch in one sitting. But, you know, SOMEBODY’S got to make sure Riggins gets into college…
See you tomorrow.

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