Tonight’s Dinner

Screen shot 2011-06-20 at 9.08.23 PM

YOU GUYS. I just discovered goat’s milk ice cream and holy hippies this stuff is good. I stood in my kitchen for longer than is acceptable eating spoonful after spoonful dipped straight from the carton, shell-shocked and marveling at how something so calorically good for you can melt in your mouth like sin.

It’s like that guy at Whole Foods with the side part and the slim cropped jeans who’s been eyeing you over the Granny Smiths, who’s not really your type but you’ve been eyeing too because you’ve always had a bit of a (morally conflicting) thing for guys with haircuts like SS officers, coming up and French kissing you in the middle of produce. Unexpected but — oh wow — SO OKAY.

But this is better than okay. This is creamy and delicious and riiiich and… I’ll stop with the kissing analogy. But… Goat’s milk ice cream. YES.


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