Street Scene

The wind was blowing. My golden hair whipped around my head and face, twisting with the cream scarf slung around my neck. I was walking to meet a friend, hustling through tangled crowds, when he appeared in front of me. This short, round figure in a bright yellow jacket selling tickets for a view looked up at me from his round, brown face, eyes gleaming. “You look beautiful,” he said across a crowd of people.

“Thank you,” I tossed back with a wide smile. His gaze was fixed on me as I continued to walk through the blustery wind toward him and he turned as I passed. “You’re glowing… Like you got a spotlight on you.”

I laughed and turned my head to look at him, raising my voice as our distance grew. “Thank you!”

A cold gust blew thick curls into my eyes and teeth, and I whipped my head back ’round again to see my way.

Glowing? Funny. That’s exactly how I felt.


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